Graduation Requirements


The total number of credits needed to graduate from Towle Institute is 24. These 24 credits are to include the following:

English 4.0 credits
Mathematics 4.0 credits
Science 3.0 credits
Social Studies 3.0 credits
Physical Education 1.0 credit
Foreign Language 2.0 credits
Electives 4.5 credits
Computer Literacy 1.0 credit
Health 0.5 credit
Fine Arts 1.0 credit

Physical Education
Parents will need to document 170 hours of regular physical activity. For example, lessons or participation is any of the following: horseback riding, tennis, racquetball, swimming, aerobics, skiing, jogging, walking, soccer, baseball, tennis, hockey, ice hockey, or basketball. If you are using an organized sport as your PE credit, each team season is considered 0.25 credit. After you have completed the requirements, please submit your written documentation to the school office.