Required for Graduation

These courses may be taken as Independent Study courses as long as they are pre-approved by the appropriate Department Head.

Computer Proficiency – one credit, required credit
This course is designed to offer students with help in a range of subjects relating to the computer or calculator.  This class is not designed to teach typing, although each student will need to show a proficiency of 35 words per minute.  This is a required class per State Objectives.  Topics covered will include:  how to use a Scientific calculator; word processing; utilization of spread sheets; Internet for research, Web page design and implementation.

Health – one-half credit – must pass to graduate
This course includes and satisfies the Delaware state Health requirement for students.  Topics will include:  mental health, drug awareness, first aid, CPR, nutrition, abstinence and STDs, and importance of physical exercise.  Students may take this course any time during the senior high school years.