Middle School Sciences

Science 6
This course is a collection of unit studies on the following topics: plants, invertebrates, space exploration, solar system, animals/ecology, force and motion, earthquakes and volcanoes, and chemistry.  The books utilized are: A Beka’s Observing God’s World, Eyewitness Force and Motion, Usborne’s Earthquakes and Volcanoes, and various other books, reproducibles, and resources.  Students participate in the December Towle Science Fair by completing a project following the scientific method.  Scientific method is taught during class time.  One field trip in the year will be offered.

Life Science (7th grade)
Students will gain an understanding of basic life science.  The following topics will be explored:  basics of the classification system, cells, creation, basics of biological processes, organisms, environment, energy, internal balance, reactions, relationships of organisms, humans in the environment, and natural resources.  Students will have some lab time outside of Towle class day and also take two field trips in the year.  Participation in the school science fair or becoming a member of a Science Olympiad team is required.

Earth Science (8th grade)
Topics covered in this course include:  rocks and minerals; weathering, soil, erosion and deposition; plate tectonics; earthquakes and volcanoes; atmosphere, weather and climate; oceanography; sun-earth-moon motions; solar system, stars and galaxies.  Students will perform lab activities both in and out of the classroom, with an emphasis on scientific method.  Three topic-related field trips will be offered.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the Towle Science Fair or join the Science Olympiad team.