Grades 4 & 5 Science and Writing

If you have a student in the fourth or fifth grade, he/she might be interested in our 4/5 Science and Writing course.  The course will have two quarters of science lessons and two quarters of writer’s workshop. For writing, the homework is encouraged in order to get practice applying what is taught and can be turned into the teacher for encouragement and feedback, but again is not required. The 4/5 classes are not graded. These quarters will give your student a chance to have fun while learning both science and writing in a group setting.  Parents are invited to attend the first session of each quarter with their student.

4/5 Science:

Homework will be given but is not required and will not be turned into the teacher. There will be some hands-on activities and crafts, and the last day of each science quarter (the last day of animal science and the last day of plant science) will include oral presentations of a poster or a drawing or something that the student works on at home during the quarter about an animal/plant that interests them. They will talk for a minute or two about why they like it and tell the class about it. This would not be required, but would be a valuable exercise. If possible, we may do a field trip.

1st Quarter – Animal Science (September 11-October 30)

We will study the animal kingdom including classification, animal names, interesting facts, anatomy, colors, behavior, and tracks. We will explore what makes an animal a mammal or reptile, mollusk, fish, or amphibian, discuss herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, and learn about biomes and habitats. We will talk about food chains and food webs, and finish with a class about endangered animals.

2nd Quarter – Insects and Spiders (November 13-January 22, 2018) [1,2,3]

We will study seeds, growth, trees, leaves, photosynthesis, flowers, roots, stems, trunks, enemies of plants.

4/5 Writing:

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) American History-Based Writing Lessons. Students will learn how to make key word outlines and how to then write a paragraphs from those outlines. They will have weekly vocabulary lists, and learn about style and structure including who-which clauses, five-senses words, alliteration, conversation, similes and metaphors, and how to incorporate them into their writing. They will learn how to use topic sentences and clinchers, and have a chance to do some creative writing too.

3rd Quarter -Institute for Excellence in Writing, Part 1 (January 29- March 26)

4th Quarter – Institute for Excellence in Writing, Part 2 (March 26-May 21) [4]

Classes are held at Pike Creek Bible Church on Mondays from 8:10-9:10 a.m.  The cost is $80 per quarter.  Register by calling Towle Institute at (302) 993-1408.
[1] Towle will observe Thanksgiving Break: November 20-24.
[2] Towle will observe Christmas Break: December 25-January 7.  (School will resume Monday, Jan. 8).
[3] Please note: There is NOT a break between the last week of Science and the first week of Writing.
[4] Towle will observe Easter Break (beginning with Good Friday): March 30-April 8.