Middle School Electives

Exploring Crafts – full year class

The purpose of this class is to have the students complete several unique craft projects each quarter which they may want to continue to make on their own.  Some crafts will be related to a specific holiday while others will be made for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  All projects will be made with material and tools that can be easily purchased so the student can continue to make the craft at home and can give as gifts.  Some crafts to be taught include beading, ceramics, metal punching, cut glass, Christmas ornaments, rubber stamping, and quilling.  There will be an art fee of $40 for supplies.

Drama – full year class
A course designed to provide the student with an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of stage presentation.  Students will learn drama terms, character development, stage blocking movements, improvisation, storytelling, safe stage management, publicity and set building while rehearsing a play to be performed as a culminating experience.  The student will be required to attend practices outside of school time along with a full tech week.  A $40 supply fee will be charged.

Critical Thinking for Middle School – full year class
The objective of the Critical Thinking class is to teach students “to think logically, present well-developed arguments, and see through unsupported arguments”.  In addition, the students will learn how to solve logic puzzles and brain teasers.


Parents are welcome to provide outside sources for electives including but not limited to:  private music lessons, chorus, band, private dance instruction, Math Counts, and community clubs.  To receive placement for these electives on the student’s report card, please submit by week 33, a course description and log of activity time.